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Dear Pot Who Feels Better When She Calls the Kettle Black,

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Aug. 12th, 2009 | 11:57 am
Mise-en-Scène: contemplative

Firstly, I would like to say that I am utterly disappointed in you. When you first joined Aria, I thought you were a sweet person. When people started asking to have you removed based on your inferior singing (and believe me, they were vehement about it), I defended you. In truth, I didn't think you singing was up to snuff in regards to the level of the other members we had, but Aria isn't about cutthroat politics. Yes, it was about producing music to be proud of, but it was also a place for making friends and having fun.

I wasn't friends with you, but you didn't really stay around or participate a lot in the chat forums for me to get to know you. The one time you did visit our Speak Your Mind thread, you decided to violate one of the all-important precepts of our forum: No Drama.

In the thread, there were people who were clearly upset. Three people, to be exact. One person ranted about someone, but did not mention them by name. Two others joined in, and they started complaining about SnM. The conversation really was between them, and they offered a number of times to stop talking about SnM, out of respect for those that were still in the organization. You came after the conversation was dying down and decided to instigate and provoke those members. You belittled them. Made arch little comments referring to their maturity (or lack thereof, in your eyes). And the coup de grace of your little tirade was to then lectured them on what they can and cannot say.

I don't know who you think you are and what authority you think you carry to tell people, whether they are friends, strangers, people on the internet or whatever else have you, what to do. We are not your children. We don't know you enough to respect your opinion.

Your opinion was not given to gently guide the particular member who had said an offending word to enlightenment. It was harsh, intended to be stinging. You reprimanded that member with the intention of shaming them. Either just shaming them to make themselves see the light, or simply to make yourself feel like a bigger person.

You could have reported the post. You could have asked for admin intervention from me or Shiio and civilly discussed what you thought was wrong. But you didn't.

To make matters worse, you were invited to discuss the matter privately with one of the members, who apologized for having offended you. You did not consider it. You decided to take matters public, to denounce us in your LiveJournal with every ounce of acerbic vitriol that you attributed to us. You called us children. You made fun of our immaturity. You decided to tell everyone else in the world that you decided to quit, instead of talking to US first.

That was the last straw. You talk about being mature, and yet you demonstrated no maturity whatsoever. You complain about our members acting childishly and bringing private matters into a public forum, while you did the exact same thing, bringing your derogatory accusations to LiveJournal. You say you hate drama queens, and yet you're the one who essentially fomented this drama.

If you don't like what people are saying, walk away. Simple as that.

The only reason why I deign to post this letter to you is because this is the second time a member has decided to make drama out of nothing, and instead of discussing things with us, you decided to be done with us. No one in that discussion, including me, acted they way they should have. The difference is, if you had come to us first, if you had held your tongue and chosen not to antagonize and disparage members of my forum, I would have stood by you and defended you for as long as you wanted to be here.

Take a second to reflect on the situation, and hopefully you'll see that you showed an ugly side, too.

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From: oemona
Date: Aug. 12th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
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